The buddy programme is a way to integrate local students and incoming Erasmus students, to discover each other’s culture and way of life.

For you, as an incoming Erasmus/Exchange student:
In the beginning of the semester, or even before you arrive in Brussels, it is useful to have a buddy for asking practical questions, and to find your way in and around university.
But also afterwards, during the semester, it is a great chance to integrate better into the local student life, and to create a network of Belgian/local friends!

For you, as a local student:
You are able to meet new foreign people and new cultures and to create an international network! Show your new friends around and let them have a taste of Brussels like a local! (Don’t worry, no need to be a Brussels-expert)
If you’ve been abroad already, you know how useful/fun it is to have a local student that shows you the places to be. Now you can extend your Erasmus experience by helping incoming students in your own student city.
If you haven’t been abroad yet, it is a great chance to already taste a bit of the Erasmus experience before actually choosing to participate in the Erasmus programme.

We hope to be able to match you a nice buddy, so that you can fully enjoy the buddy programme! Join the programme, meet frequently to integrate well, and HAVE FUN!